Meeting Efficiency

Engage people. Improve decisions. Build trust.


Bring order and efficiency to the public meeting process

  • Streamline meetings. Easily record roll call, motions and votes.
  • Save time and ensure accuracy – capture meeting actions directly into the public record.
  • Run more productive meetings with touch-screen voting displays for elected members.
  • Easily publish minutes and supporting materials into a comprehensive public record.
  • Help the audience follow fast-paced meetings with a public display.

The public meeting process is a cornerstone of democracy. Public policy takes shape based on important decisions, information, and government actions. It is critical that those actions and meeting outcomes are accurately recorded and made accessible to the public. However, creating meeting minutes generally require an extensive amount of time and effort.

The Meeting Efficiency Suite is an automated solution that streamlines the public meeting process and modernizes minutes creation. It helps clerk staff save countless hours in their post-meeting workflow and can provide elected officials with a more effective way to participate using touch-screen displays. This suite turns an otherwise lengthy process into a fast and accurate way to run public meetings and generate minutes.

Unlike any other solution, the Meeting Efficiency Suite combines action-style minutes with a digital recording of proceedings and publishes an integrated public record through your website, all while helping you save time and cut costs.

An integrated public record combines the video, agenda, and minutes – all cross-linked together.

Benefits & Functionality

Feature List

Agenda Item Management

  • iLegislate + VoteCast: Voting for the iPad*
  • Paperless Agenda Packets
  • Vote Automation
  • Digital Speaker Queue
  • VoteCast™ with Touch Screens*
  • Data Capture to Create Minutes
  • Roll Call Automation
  • Quick Notes & Text Expansion
  • Record Motions, Votes and Notes

Post-Meeting Minutes Creation

  • Publish PDF or HTML minutes
  • Microsoft Word™ Integration

Additional Features

  • VoteLog
  • Public Display
  • Agenda Management API