Legislative Management

Comprehensive and automated agenda workflow.


Reach new levels of automation with a complete legislative solution

  • Eliminate manual workflows. Create and manage items for agendas in one system.
  • Automate agenda item approvals with electronic approval processes.
  • Simplify agenda creation—automatically compile files and supporting materials for upcoming meetings.
  • Organize, store and retrieve electronic documents.
  • Easily track legislation and generate historical reports for staff, citizens and council.

Legislative workflows often require a significant commitment from clerical staff. Drafting legislation, getting items approved, compiling information from various departments, and creating an agenda are integral parts of the premeeting process, yet can be very time-consuming. Then, there are live and post-meeting processes that staff must follow to ensure an accurate account of a meeting. With so many moving parts, steps can be overlooked or items can be inadvertently dropped. Using a completely automated, round-trip legislative workflow solution can save staff countless hours while helping them maintain legislative accuracy.

Granicus’ Legislative Management Suite, powered by Legistar technology, allows government staff to easily manage the entire legislative process from start to finish. From drafting files, through assignment to various departments, to final approval, this suite is an automated solution designed to reduce workloads and create a more efficient method for managing decisions.

The Legislative Management Suite helps governments organize, store, and easily retrieve electronic documents all in one system. It also maintains all legislative data and tracks each item’s path through the entire process. Plus, it allows staff to quickly and easily publish agenda and minutes documents to the Web, helping ensure records availability and promote government transparency.

Publish a portal to your website for a quick and easy search of legislative data.

Benefits & Functionality

Simplify the agenda creation process.

Automate agenda item approvals with electronic approval routing.

Electronically route agenda items for approvals. Create an automated approval sequence and let the system manage the work. Selected approvers will be notified when the item is ready for their review. Approvers can review all item details, supporting documents, make edits, approve or deny the request through the system or a browser-based form.

Draft items in a familiar system and add supporting materials.

Simply type the file text directly into the system or draft it in the familiar template of Microsoft Word®. Create templates and standard paragraphs for quick drafting. Once the text of an item is complete, add supporting attachments of any file type to substantiate the item. Staff, elected members and even residents can submit agenda items through a form on your website.

Create legislative items for meeting agendas.

Easily create new files for meeting agendas. By indicating the item type (resolution, ordinance, communication, etc.), meeting body in control of the item, and the item’s status, items are automatically placed on the appropriate upcoming meeting agenda.

Keep the public informed - publish agendas to your website.

Track legislative items and generate historical reports.

Track bills, resolutions or other legislation from inception through approvals and actions taken. Easily search all file history and generate legislative reports.

Organize, store and retrieve documents with ease.

Organize and store electronic documents of any file format in one repository. All documents are automatically tagged and indexed with metadata, making search and retrieval easy.

Offer the public an easy-to-use online legislative portal.

Residents can search legislative text, attachments, agendas, minutes, votes and more. Allow both public and internal users to track legislative history over a given period of time. With the Calendar tab, view a dynamic list of upcoming and previous meeting details. Using the Departments and People tabs, look-up and contact elected officials as well as track positions and apply online.

Save time with a continuous legislative workflow.

Capture all actions into a draft minutes document for a seamless, roundtrip workflow. Agenda items can be automatically reassigned to the appropriate department based on the actions taken during a meeting, saving staff time and reducing errors.

Assemble complete agendas packets for upcoming meetings.

Gather and compile legislative data for meeting agendas with the push of a button. Items are automatically placed on agendas based on the item’s status and the meeting body in control. Agenda items can also be added on the fly. Once the agenda is compiled, print or publish full packets to the Web. With iLegislate, review published agendas and supporting documents, bookmark and take notes on items, all through a native iPad application.

Feature List

Agenda Item Management

  • Review agenda item history
  • Set electronic approval routing
  • Submit items through a web-based form
  • Cross-reference items to agendas and minutes
  • Add supporting documents
  • Draft files and edit text in Microsoft Word™

Meeting Agendas

  • Create templates for each meeting body
  • Auto-number agenda items
  • Automatically assemble and publish agenda packets

Meeting Minutes

  • Publish minutes to the web
  • Automatic item referral routing
  • Record roll call, motions, votes, and discussion

Legislative Portal

  • Subscribe to items and share information to social networks
  • View district representation, open positions, vacancies and more
  • Search, track and print legislative data
  • Dynamic calendar of past and upcoming meetings


  • Searchable meeting calendar
  • Print search results
  • Full text search

Document Management

  • Security permissions for user groups and workflows
  • Automatic metadata tagging and indexing
  • Easily search and retrieve documents
  • Store electronic files of any format

Additional Features

  • Video streaming integration
  • Unlimited users and records
  • iLegislate for the iPad