Citizen Participation

Involve people. Improve decisions. Build trust.


Engage citizens in productive
new ways

  • Provide easy-to-use online tools for citizen ideas and feedback
  • Reduce staff time – effortlessly collect, manage and prioritize citizen input
  • Create focused conversations and get input on specific initiatives
  • Receive timely and actionable feedback on the issues at hand
  • Involve community members throughout the governing process and produce better outcomes
  • Access community ideas, demographics, and feedback on an iPad with iLegislate®

Productive citizen participation helps improve policy outcomes. As more voices are heard, a broader perspective is shared and trust is built in the community. Today, innovative online tools make managing citizen input easier while expanding engagement to a wider base. With about 80% of North America online, it is necessary to effectively leverage the most powerful communications media available.

The Citizen Participation Suite is the most efficient way to hear from a broader group of residents. Using online engagement tools, it’s easy for more people to contribute ideas for community improvement and provide feedback on current initiatives. These tools are a convenient way for citizens to stay engaged in the governing process and in turn, help the organization collect timely and actionable input from citizens.

Allow citizens to participate on any device, from anywhere!

The Citizen Participation Suite makes it easy to consolidate and organize public opinions. Staff can run reports and distribute them to elected members or department heads, giving them a deeper understanding of public opinion before they make decisions.

Granicus is the only provider of a platform for both open idea generation and integrated public meeting feedback.

Benefits & Functionality

Collect and prioritize community ideas

Get focused answers on important topics

With forums and groups, get feedback on a specific initiative or idea. All responses are related to your subject, helping you narrow ideas to what’s most important to the organization.

Recognize ideas – let your community know you’re listening

Encourage greater participation by acknowledging ideas. Administrators can change the status of ideas as they are considered and planned internally. Contributors can follow their idea’s progress and stay involved in their government’s decision-making process.

Let residents share ideas for community improvement

Allow the public to easily contribute ideas to a website dedicated to community idea sharing. As residents post ideas, other citizens, elected officials, and staff can join the conversation by voting for an idea, adding comments, and even sharing ideas to social networks.

Leverage cloud-based citizen engagement tools

Get up and running quickly

This fully hosted, cloud-based solution can be implemented in a matter of days. Launch your new citizen engagement tools on your timeline and start building a stronger community now.

Save staff time managing public input

Reduce the administrative overhead of collecting and maintaining citizen feedback. Now, staff can easily run reports for elected members or various departments and share how the community is responding to particular topics.

Productively add new voices to the democratic process

Reveal public opinion with a comprehensive report

Automatically produce an organized, concise and comprehensive report of all agenda comments for your elected members. Help them better understand the opinions of a broad group of citizens before making final policy decisions.

Make participation in public meetings simple and productive

Encourage citizens to comment on the issues at hand with an online form tied to your upcoming meeting agenda. Residents can leave feedback on agenda items from any internet-connected device, making participation easy.

Mobilizing Community Ideas

Simple integration with iLegislate®

The Citizen Participation Suite integration with iLegislate® puts the public discussion on the iPad, providing idea demographics, direct agenda item feedback, and opinion percentage reporting, anywhere, anytime.

Feature List

Features for Staff

  • eComment
    • Public Comment Form
    • Comment Report
    • Request to Speak Report
    • Agenda Integration
    • Customized Forms
  • SpeakUp℠
    • Acknowledge Ideas
    • Discussions, Forums and Surveys
    • Run Analytics
    • Embed Widgets
    • Facebook® Integration
    • iLegislate® Integration

Benefits to Citizens

  • eComment
    • Provide Text Comments
    • Upload Documents
  • SpeakUp℠
    • Post an Idea
    • Vote, Comment and Share Other Ideas
    • Contribute to a Focused Discussion