Productive citizen collaboration

  • Collect open ideas for community improvement through an online portal.
  • Effortlessly prioritize ideas – citizen votes and comments indicate what’s most important.
  • Contribute to the conversation and let your community know you’re listening.
  • Reach a broader audience using a Facebook integration and widgets.
  • Implement a cloud-based social ideation platform in a matter of days.
  • Access community ideas, statistics, and demographics on an iPad.

Government organizations often struggle with sustaining productive citizen involvement. The old way of doing things – holding a meeting in the evening at a local government building – doesn’t produce the results  government agencies want today. In an effort to engage a broader audience and generate fresh ideas, governments are implementing online technology to make it easy for more members of their community to contribute. SpeakUp℠ helps governments engage citizens beyond in-person meetings and discover what matters most.

By offering a convenient and more autonomous space to share ideas – a website dedicated to community idea sharing – organizations can capture input and create a collaborative environment between citizens and their government.

Granicus’ social ideation platform encourages positive collaboration and offers a meaningful way for residents to contribute online.



Benefits & Functionality

Collect new ideas from your community

Give residents a convenient way to suggest new ideas for community improvement through a website dedicated to social idea sharing. Posting an idea is easy and if similar ideas already exists, our system will
automatically display those results.


Let your residents manage and prioritize ideas

Other residents, and even government staff, can prioritize ideas by voting, commenting and sharing. Crowdsourcing helps you effortlessly discover and rank the most important ideas for your community, helping improve outcomes and build greater public trust.


Promote your site through social media and widgets

With our Facebook integration, extend your reach beyond your SpeakUp℠ portal to connect with a broader audience. Take promotion to the next level by embedding widgets throughout your website and capture your audience’s attention as they browse.


Get focused answers on important topics

With forums and groups, post a topic and get feedback on a specific initiative. All responses are related to your subject, helping you focus citizen ideas to what’s most important to the organization. For more specific ideas, survey users and quickly build analytics.


Feature List

Features for Staff
Acknowledge Ideas
Create Public & Private Discussion Groups
Create Forums
Post Surveys
Run Analytics & Export Results
Additional Features
• Showcase an Idea, Forum or Discussion
• Single Sign-On
• Multiple Language Support
• Design Customizations
• Widgets and API
• Profanity Filter
• iLegislate® Integration: Ideas Dashboard on the iPad
Benefits to Citizens
Create an Idea
• Auto-Search for Duplicate Ideas
• Add Tags, Images, and Links to Supporting Resources
Contribute to Other Ideas
• Vote for Ideas
• Leave a Comment
• Agree with Other Comments
• Share Ideas to Social Networks
• Subscribe to Ideas
Sort Ideas
Additional Benefits
• Facebook® Integration
• Leader Board