Ensuring Government Security in the Cloud (VIDEO)

Cloud---SecurityThere are millions of internet-based intrusion attempts on government agencies every year, making it important to take a defensive approach to network strategies. Public data access, being the first point of connection between the online government and the digital citizen, faces a constant threat against continuity of services. Not only do agencies need to protect their data from being compromised, they also have to ensure high availability of their data – nearly 100% uptime and lots of redundancy.

Security must therefore be a top concern for the modern local government. In the video below, Granicus CTO Javier Muniz and Granicus CEO Tom Spengler discuss the major advantages for local governments in cloud security, including:

  • Why using a Government-Only cloud is important
  • Why in-house solutions provide a false sense of security
  • How physical security, including biometrics, is implemented in the Granicus cloud
  • How using a cloud naturally creates the security benefits of data separation

Governing in the Cloud™ is about many things, especially simplification. When governing in the cloud with Granicus, security is implicit, making your job simpler and easier.

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