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Introducing Granicus Website Management!

Granicus’ CivicaCMS was developed in 1997 by a team of web technologists and a city council member from Southern California who were inspired to launch innovative, online communities for local governments. Since then, we have launched more than 300 government projects across 125 agencies and are the premier eGovernment provider across North America for local governments, special districts, and non-proft groups.

In addition to being beautiful and fun to interact with, Granicus websites are functional and easily accessible across all devices. The secret to our award-winning technologies is a collaborative and user-focused approach to design and development.

Paired with Granicus other offerings, only Granicus can provide an integrated, seamless online experience with a website that delivers content to users wherever they might be while also creating a deeper, smarter experience with them when they’re on the website.


Responsive Web Design and Development

Comprehensive Content Management System

Mobile Application Development

Citizen Request Management Tool and App



Every community is unique. Implementing technologies to best serve your community requires a deeper understanding of usability and audience.


A user driven approach towards community branding. Ensuring your website and mobile app seamlessly deliver both style and functionality.


Stable, secure, and easily accessible across all devices. Integrating the latest technologies to provide a flexible foundation for years to come.


Content migration, quality assurance, training, and the convenience of on-going support. Everything needed for a successful launch, even hosting!