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The secret to Granicus’ award-winning websites is a collaborative, user-focused approach. We know that behind every great community, there are great residents. Great residents are proud of their city. They want to share their ideas and offer feedback. They use city resources to better their lives and the lives of their neighbors.

When we build your website, we keep this in mind. Keep scrolling to see some samples from our portfolio.

Unified Fire Authority, UT

Unified Fire Authority (UFA) provides fire protection, emergency medical services, and other emergency responses for Alta, Cottonwood Heights, Draper, Eagle Mountain, Herriman, Holladay, Midvale, Riverton, Taylorsville and the Unincorporated Areas of Salt Lake County. UFA partnered with Civica Software to launch a new web presence.

Launched in February of 2015, the site features an image driven layout with large, easy to read text. It is supported by a responsive design for an optimized experience across all device types.

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Cambridge Housing Authority, MA

Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) provides long-term rental housing and rental assistance to more than 5,500+ low-income families, elders and disabled individuals through its Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs. A completely reworked and responsive website was launched with a modern look and feel, powered by CivicaCMS to create and distribute new content to the community on a regular basis. The site is built on a responsive framework to ensure it is accessible and optimized across all device categories (desktop, tablet, & mobile) and features Google Search Integration for easy access to all of CHA’s articles and documents.

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City of Fullerton, CA

The City of Fullerton website boasts a modern responsive design to engage its 135,000+ residents. Including Google Search Integration, a robust “How Do I…” menu, and Social Media integration, the site takes strides forward in both style and functionality.

Fullerton staff partnered with Granicus to produce a sleek, easy to use site that brought user experience to the forefront of the new website, from design to launch. Since launch, the website has received great reviews from both internal staff and the community.

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Santa Barbara Library

With over 9 different locations throughout Santa Barbary County, the Santa Barbary Library is an integral part of the community, serving its 90,000+ citizens. The Library holds hundreds of classes and events each year and needed a web presence that shared these events with the community. The new website had to also be a digital hub to provide citizens with the resources and information they need to engage with the library’s other resources and administrative functions. The City of Santa Barbara partnered with Civica Software to design, develop, and launch the new website.

“The launch of the site was a huge success, and it continues to receive compliments from internal staff and citizens alike.”

– Scott Nelson, Webmaster

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The City of Brentwood, CA

Located in the East Bay region of San Francisco, the City of Brentwood is home to over 55,000 residents and known for its agricultural products (primarily fruit). The City partnered with Civica to deliver a fresh new website that showed residents that the City is committed to providing them with a digital town hall, open 24/7, and accessible from all devices.

The City of Brentwood’s new website uniquely showcases what this fun and fit city has to offer residents. A responsive web design makes the site compatible with any browser or mobile device, ensuring access from home, work, or on the go. Included are Brentwood’s two uniquely branded “subsites” for Economic Development and Parks and Recreation, highlighting Brentwood’s commitment to local business and providing open green spaces to promote community health. Using Google Search Integration, the Brentwood website helps its residents easily access all that Brentwood has to provide across multiple viewing platforms.

“The website has received positive feedback from the entire community. Our internal staff has also raved highly of our new website and it’s accompanied Content Management System (CMS), allowing them to update content of the website easily and more efficiently than on the previous website.”

– Michael Baria, Information Systems Specialist

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The City of Carlsbad, CA

Launched in September of 2014, the website features a design that truly represents the Carlsbad, CA community and its 115,000 residents. From the surf inspired main navigation, to its custom Library Subsite and City News Room, the redesigned website was designed to reinvigorated the community.

Since the launch, the site has received tremendous amounts of positive feedback from both staff members, as well as residents. Users are spending less time searching for what they are looking for, and more time engaging with fresh content throughout the site, as well as communicating with us more than ever on digital channels.

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The City of Mountain View, CA

Situated right in the middle of Silicon Valley, Mountain View, CA is home to over 75,000 residents and some of the biggest companies on earth, such as Google, Microsoft, and Intuit. The community needed a new website that accurately reflected the City’s focus on technology and culture to better serve its residents, businesses, and visitors. Additionally, analytics showed that 50% of traffic was from mobile/tablet visitors, which needed an optimized experience. The City partnered with Civica Software to launch a completely new website featuring:

“The site has received outstanding feedback from our community and greatly reduced the amount of inquires to the City for items that can easily be found on the website’s searchable archive. We attribute this to the user-focused design and properly thought out information architecture make the site easy to navigate for first time visitors as well as repeat visitors.”

– Kimberly Thomas, Assistant to the City Manager

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The City of Santa Barbara, CA

The City of Santa Barbara required an especially fluid and adaptable web solution to assist future evolution. The new website functions as a hub, focusing all of the city’s initiatives and consolidating its schedule into an easily accessible platform. Robust, detailed drop-down and mega menus such as “How do I” and “Contact Us” are designed to guide site visitors and reduce the need for people to call the city’s departments with information inquiries.

“We’re really using the website to engage in a two-way manner, this is something different from what we used to be, which was just delivering information. [Now] we have a lot of ways for people to contact us and ask a lot of questions; so we can engage more, and really provide more of a conversation than just a tell.”

– Scott Nelson, Webmaster

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The Town of West Hartford, CT

The Town of West Hartford is located just outside of Hartford Connecticut, and is home to over 64,000 residents. A completely reworked and responsive website was launched with a modern look and feel, powered by CivicaCMS to create and distribute new content to its community on a regular basis. The goal of the site was to provide the residents of West Hartford with a modern digital hub, allowing them to access key information and documents.

IT Specialist, Jeff Roller, led an internal team of key stakeholders and worked closely with Civica Software on the project from concept to launch. Since launch the site has been very well received by internal staff and community members for its robust content and ease of use.

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