Promote accountability and build public trust

Everything you need to manage and broadcast government media online

  • Give citizens convenient access to live and archived streaming through your website
  • Reduce public inquiries with searchable, self-service access online
  • Import agendas and index video live to eliminate hours of work
  • Manage and distribute unlimited meetings and events—all completely automated
  • Reach a broader audience – integrate closed captions with video
  • Understand and measure public participation with in-depth video analytics

Transparency around public meetings is more important than ever. Citizens want to learn about policy decisions that affect their lives and see how their tax dollars are being spent.
But the burden and expense of managing this information is time consuming for government employees and can be cumbersome for citizens to find on complex government websites. What if you could automate this process and make it incredibly convenient for everyone?

Granicus’ Webcasting offerings help agencies stream and archive public meetings and important records online and creates an unprecedented level of openness, both from a stationary location of with our Portable Encoder. Leveraging a powerful media management solution, organizations can easily publish content on their website, link related documents and provide keyword searching for citizens. And by using reports on visitor trends, agencies can quickly gauge interest in the most important issues.


Understand viewership with in-depth metrics and reporting

Check out the public engagement level, mobile usage, page visits, visitor location, originating links, and more, instantly on the video analytics page.

Save hours of time by importing agendas & indexing in real-time

Import agendas and index video live during the meeting. After the meeting, produce a public record with the agenda linked to the video.

Simplify media management through automation

Schedule events to broadcast live or record from any video source including cable, camera, VHS, or DVD. Archived files automatically transfer to internal and external distribution networks and are instantly published to the web with no additional steps.

Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and intelligent routing

Store files redundantly and intelligently route media to avoid network congestion. Our proven streaming solution ensures quality, speed and reliability. Get permanent storage, backups, systems monitoring, and dedicated support.

Unparalleled streaming performance and reliability

Reduce the burden on IT staff by leveraging a world-class hosted infrastructure and an on-site media server, backed by a comprehensive maintenance program.

Features for Staff

Paperless Agenda for the iPad

Reports & Analytics

Create Text Transcripts

Index Video Live

Link Relevant Documents

Import & Parse Agendas

Proactive Systems Monitoring

Intelligent Media Routing

Encoding Appliance

Live Event Streaming

Benefits to Citizens

Downloadable Media

Advanced Search

Closed Captioning

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