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  • Eliminate buffering and internal bandwidth constraints
  • Enterprise-class local storage and redundant backups
  • Distribute internal streams from the most logical network location
  • Support intelligent routing and multiple Encoding Appliances

Increasingly, organizations need to provide access to live and archived webcasts for internal viewers – meetings, trainings, events, and more. But as user traffic increases, network speed and reliability can be compromised. The Granicus Performance Accelerator is a software module that supports large volumes of internal streaming media requests for government organizations without straining internet bandwidth.

Performance Accelerator is an extension of the Granicus Platform and Encoding Appliance. The Encoding Appliance accommodates a maximum of 50 concurrent live an on-demand internal streams; Performance Accelerator allows for a virtually unlimited number of internal viewers. Plus, with Granicus-provided hardware it offers twice the amount of local storage as the Encoding Appliance.

This software module routes internal streams to the most logical network location, usually the network core. It also supports stream distribution from multiple Encoding Appliances and installation on Granicus or client-provided hardware or a virtual environment.

Benefits & Functionality

Unlimited Storage and Redundancy

Get unlimited storage of all meeting and non-meeting content. Granicus securely stores media on the organization’s local network, behind the firewall, while backing up identical content to its data centers. All media is redundantly stored to ensure the highest levels of retention and availability.

Intelligent Routing

Granicus data centers automatically route live and on-demand internal and external media request to provide the best experience for each viewer. Internal viewer requests are directed to the Performance Accelerator on the network. External viewer requests, like residents watching at home, receive the streams directly from Granicus data centers.

Streaming Methods

Granicus can help determine the streaming method that is the best fit for a customer’s network configuration and budgetary needs.


Unicast distribution receives a single stream for each internal viewer directly from the Performance Accelerator. Bandwidth utilization is calculated by taking the bit rate of the stream multiplied by the anticipated number of streams. Thus, 100 concurrent streams at 650Kbps equals 65Mbps of network traffic.

Hardware Installation Options

Granicus allows customers to choose the best hardware installation for their environment. Performance Accelerator can be installed on Granicus-provided managed hardware, customer-provided hardware or on virtual machines. Each installation can be configured to support Unicast distribution.


Granicus’ hardware comes pre-configured with the Granicus Performance Accelerator software and installed with the latest Windows updates. The Granicus Customer Care team is available 24×7 and provides proactive systems monitoring to catch any problems before they arise. Each device is equipped with 1TB of local storage, or roughly 2,000 hours of media content at standard bit rates.

Virtual Machine

Performance Accelerator will operate on a virtual server that meets specific minimum requirements.


Content storage must be drive letter accessible. SAN/NAS or Fiber Channel Array is acceptable.

Feature List

Granicus-Provided Hardware Specifications
Storage • 2 – 1TB hard drives (RAID 1)
Memory • 4GB (2 x 2GB)
Power • Redundant, 500W power supply
Hardware Warranty • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
• 5 year extended warranty (optional)
Client-Provided or Virtual Machine Requirements
Operating System Windows 2008 (32 bit)
Processor • 2 GHz dual-core or better
Storage • Minimum 2 x 500 GB disk drives
(RAID 1 configuration or better)
Memory • Minimum 4GB RAM