Promote accountability and build public trust

Build a content-rich library of public meeting webcasts and records without hassle

Our Granicus Video solution enables your organization to build a content-rich library of public meeting webcasts and records without hassle. Leverage easy-to-use media management tools to schedule and publish live and on-demand webcasts.

Maximize transparency through links to related documents or reports in your webcasts, granular keyword search, content subscriptions and ADA-compliant closed captioning. All of these tools empower viewers to stay informed about the topics that matter most to them. Our visitor and viewership reports allow you to analyze trends and better understand your audience.

Review and annotate paperless meeting materials on the iPad

Staff and elected members can review agendas and supporting documents, as well as bookmark and take notes on items, through a native iPad application.

Ensure ADA compliance with a closed captioning integration

Easily stream meetings with scrolling closed captions. Also, quickly access and publish a full transcript and even search for any word spoken on video.

Proactively inform citizens with agenda and keyword subscriptions

Allow citizens to subscribe to your agenda or particular keyword searches to get real-time notifications when new content becomes available.

Maximize public access with a searchable integrated public record

Empower citizens to find what they need through a searchable public record on your website. All meeting audio, video, minutes, and agendas are tightly integrated together. Plus, citizens can subscribe to your agenda, or to a particular search, to get real-time notifications when new content is available.

Increase convenience with access anytime, from anywhere

Citizens and staff can watch live streaming broadcasts or play archived videos through your website. Viewers can quickly jump to any topic through index points to review only the information that is important to them.

Benefits & Functionality

Reports & Analytics

Create Text Transcripts

Index Video Live

Paperless Agenda for the iPad

Link Relevant Documents

Import & Parse Agendas

Proactive Systems Monitoring

Intelligent Media Routing

Live Event Streaming

Downloadable Media

Advanced Search

Closed Captioning