Records Management

Streamline day-to-day business operations

Introducing Granicus Records Management!

Granicus Records Management is the next evolution of making the clerk and recorder’s office an ever-more efficient gateway of public information and day-to-day business, helping automate government records offices with a streamlined, centralized application. Many of the first-generation technologies that were deployed to handle these processes have become outdated and are a pain point for clerks.

The Granicus Records Management software addresses the full life cycle of the land (deeds, titles, etc.) and vitals (birth, marriage or death certificates) records processes, including the ability to handle eCommerce transactions and court case eFiling. The open architecture design allows for implementation and seamless integration with other departments or software solutions, including third-party enterprise imaging and workflow systems.

Key Granicus Records Management Features

Robust information input and retrieval for land and vitals documentation

Highly configurable; easily customizable

Full transaction audits

Index accuracy tracking

Interactive dashboards

Adjustable document workflows

Integration with court case eFiling module (eUniversa), public lookup (ROAM) and eCommerce tool (eAccept)

Learn about our four new products


Our Rapid Online Access Management software layers over any database to provide instant, robust data and document retrieval. The plug and play architecture is configurable and compatible with all major web browsers and allows for custom public-facing portals with eCertification to certify documents and pay for them through eAccept.

Land and Vitals

Our Land and Vitals software seamlessly handles all day-to-day tasks in the county clerks and recording offices, including deeds, titles, birth and death certificates, and marriage licensing. The e-Recording software is PRIA compliant, and integrates with all major third-party filing systems.


Our eAccept eCommerce software integrates easily with Land and Vitals and ROAM to accept online payments for filings and document requests, without the need for third-party payment vendors. eAccept offers a complete audit trail, daily transaction reconciliation with check printing, and is backed by a PCI-compliant data center.


Our eUniversa software enables filers to remotely transmit court case documents and allows clerks to review and approve eFiled information. It interfaces easily with all major case management and document management systems for a seamless workflow.