Records Management

Streamline day-to-day business operations

A Better System for eFiling

When it comes to eFiling, there are three main participants: the Filer, the Clerk, and the Case Management System. eUniversa, Granicus’ eFiling solution, allows filers (such as lawyers) to easily transmit documents electronically to a Case Management and Document Management System.
This solution provides a simple way for courts and clerks to review and approve documents and send them on to the next step. Upon approval, documents are automatically routed and docketed. Bottlenecks will become a thing of the past.
eUniversa is easy-to-use, performs well in complex environments, and offers a multi-vendor model. This ensures the Courts are able to fully integrate, optimize and implement the most effective system.

Integration Capabilities

eUniversa’s ability to interface with any number of Case Management or Document Management systems and combinations allows us to present courts with a true end-to-end filing solution.
Utilizing ECF 4.01 interface capabilities allows for validation of case numbers, case information and document retrieval, automated submission to the CMS and more.

Key Features

Complies with ECF 4.01 standards

Optimizes data flow for maximum efficiency

Manages your information seamlessly

Enhances community awareness and participation

Serves constituents in a better way

Ensures accessibility for all citizens