Records Management

Streamline day-to-day business operations

Make Transactions Simple and Painless

Provide your constituents with the ability to access government records online–and easily pay for them. eAccept provides a city or county with the ability to accept payment from business and citizens for all government services, whether over the Internet or in person. eAccept is easy to use and allows citizens or businesses to quickly access the services they’re looking for while maintaining a high degree of information security for confidentiality purposes.

Enhance Accessiblity to Government Documents and Services

eAccept allows for payment on a multitude of government services, including accessing government records, license fees, electronic filing, and more. With eAccept, you can greatly improve the ease of government/citizen or government/business transactions.
Customers’ and constituents’ financial data is stored with the highest standards of security. The information is used solely for transactional purposes to maintain the integrity of the business transaction. Granicus’ eAccept solution delivers a powerful enabler for improved government services.

Key Features

Same-day deposit

Flexible pricing model

Voids and refunds capability

Enhanced in-office operations

Fraud alert

Integration with other software solutions

Complete audit trail

Customized look and feel