Meeting Efficiency

Engage people. Improve decisions. Build trust.


Traditional methods of recording votes can be cumbersome for legislative staff, oftentimes slowing the pace of public meetings. As part of the Granicus Meeting Efficiency toolset, VoteCast™ modernizes the voting process by eliminating the tedium of hand counting, paper voting and the use of outdated standalone systems.

A zero learning-curve approach to faster, smarter voting

Real-time meeting synchronizing

Paperless exploration of voting item details, text, and history

Intuitive design for hassle-free deployment and implementation

Convenient, one-touch tablet voting

Maintain perfect voting accuracy

Track meeting progress as it occurs

Request to speak functionality & management

Review detailed snapshot of item status, speaker queue, motion, mover, seconder and vote results

Instantly send vote tabulations to digital meeting minutes & public displays

Give audiences real-time updates on meeting actions

Display live meeting actions including the current agenda item, vote results, and speakers over large monitors in the meeting chambers or at onsite televisions. Plus, stream the broadcast of the meeting live online at government websites.

Maintain order at meetings with modern touch-screen displays

Give elected officials an easy-to-use touch-screen display with paperless access to the agenda and supporting materials. Members can cast motions and votes, and request to speak electronically. All actions recorded by elected members are captured directly into the public record in real-time, reducing the risk of inaccurately reporting policy actions and outcomes.