Meeting Efficiency

Engage people. Improve decisions. Build trust.

Bring order and efficiency to the public meeting process

The public meeting process is a cornerstone of democracy, where public policy takes shape based on important decisions, information and government actions. It is critical that those actions and meeting outcomes are accurately recorded and made accessible to the public. However, creating meeting minutes generally requires an extensive amount of time and effort.

The Granicus Meeting Efficiency software features automated solutions to streamline the public meeting process and modernize minutes creation. It helps clerk staff save countless hours in their post-meeting workflow and can provide elected officials with a more effective way to participate during a meeting. Granicus’ Meeting Efficiency software combines action-style minutes with a digital recording of proceedings and publishes an integrated public record through your website, all while helping you save time and cut costs.

Key Granicus Meeting Efficiency Features

Streamline meetings. Digitally record roll call, motions, votes and notes.

Save time and ensure accuracy. Capture meeting actions directly into the public record.

Run more productive meetings with touch-screen voting displays for elected members

Easily publish minutes and supporting materials into a comprehensive public record

Help the audience follow meeting actions with a public display


Reduce your minutes workload with meeting preparation tools

Import agendas before the meeting and pre-load motions and meeting attendees. Integrate with Granicus’ agenda management products, third-party agenda systems or simply upload your existing agenda document from Microsoft Word™.

Finalize minutes quickly and easily — even in Microsoft Word™

Complete your minutes in less time, from home or on the road. Whether you use the web solution or a more familiar Microsoft Word™ interface, Granicus Minutes allows you to get information out to the public faster and in a more consumable format.

Save time by capturing meeting actions and indexing video live

Create draft minutes live during the meeting – record roll call, agenda items, speakers, motions, votes and notes. Record the meeting video and create index points as you activate agenda items – all through a simple interface.

Offer a complete, integrated public record and access to vote results

Publish a searchable, integrated public record to your website that includes meeting video, agenda, minutes and supporting documents all cross-linked. Search legislation and retrieve details on a particular item: who motioned, seconded, the action taken, vote result and how each member voted.