Meeting Efficiency

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Granicus’ agenda application, iLegislate®, enables government officials to review meeting agendas, supporting documents, and archived videos on any tablet or desktop that supports iOS, Android, Windows or OS X. Proven to save staff hours in their pre-meeting workflow, government agencies no longer need to spend thousands of dollars annually printing, copying and binding meeting materials, not to mention the costs for collecting, organizing and distributing these materials.

Eliminate time and material costs by introducing a completely paperless environment for agendas. iLegislate® seamlessly connects all agenda data to a tablet, automatically updating it with the latest information when online and available for review when offline. Elected members and staff can review agendas and PDF attachments and bookmark items of interest while offline. All changes are automatically backed up to the Granicus cloud when an Internet connection is established.

Key Granicus iLegislate® Features

Convenient access to meeting agendas and supporting documents

Reduce paper consumption and move to a paperless environment

Review agendas and attachments offline and on-the-go

Easily take notes and email agenda items

Review indexed, archived meeting videos

Real-time meeting voting on the iPad

iLegislate® can also function as a real-time meeting voting tool. By integrating iLegislate® with our VoteCast™ application, effortlessly capture votes and speaker requests live from the convenience of a tablet.