Meeting Efficiency

Engage people. Improve decisions. Build trust.

Capture minutes and pair them with meeting recordings

Granicus Minutes is a live- and post-meeting workflow solution that combines capturing minutes and pairing them with a meeting’s recording. Capture and publish minutes, saving staff time and cutting administrative costs. Record roll call, agenda items, speakers, motions, votes, and notes through a simple interface, with the actions automatically becoming part of the minutes record.

After the meeting, make any edits and finalize minutes quickly and easily in Microsoft Word™. With VoteLog – a public webpage that displays vote outcomes on agenda items – allow the public to track legislation, ordinances and even voting member records through your website.

Key Granicus Minutes Features

Data Capture to Create Minutes

Quick Notes & Text Expansion

Record Motions, Votes and Notes

Publish PDF or HTML minutes

Microsoft Word™ Integration


Agenda Management API

Integrates with VoteCast Touch and iLegislate + VoteCast: Voting for the iPad