Granicus Platform

The leading cloud platform for government


Fully hosted, cloud-based foundation for all Granicus Suites

  • Cloud-based content delivery platform that expands as your needs grow
  • Manage and store unlimited public meeting data
  • Upload and publish content including documents, videos and more
  • Leverage an open architecture and connect with existing systems
  • Get enterprise scalability through a world-class hosted infrastructure
  • Create a paperless agenda environment with iLegislate® for the iPad

The Open Platform is the cloud-based foundation for all Granicus applications. It allows government organizations to manage and store an unlimited amount of public meeting data. This foundation also includes the core of our content management, administration, and distribution tools that are leveraged in each Granicus suite. The platform includes free access to our APIs and SDKs to help you seamlessly connect your Granicus solution to systems in place at your organization.

On its own, the Open Platform can create a powerful website experience for citizens through a web portal. The platform provides the ability to upload and publish content, such as videos, audio, and documents. It also includes the iPad app, iLegislate®, to view paperless agendas and related meeting videos. Live video webcasting can easily be added to the Granicus Open Platform through our encoder.

** Android support is available for Live and on-demand playback on newer devices only. Older devices support only on-demand playback

Deliver important information to citizens through your website.

Benefits & Functionality

Add live video streaming and reach audiences in real-time.

Granicus Encoding Appliance

Easily add the Granicus Encoding Appliance to your Open Platform solution and stream public meetings and events live through your website. The hardware is pre-configured and delivered ready to stream. Simply connect power, network and an audio/video source. Full appliance control is available through a web browser or locally installed client application.

Deliver important information to citizens through your website

Rapid Platform deployment – no up-front setup costs.

Our professional services team has made it incredibly easy for you to get started. The Granicus cloud-based infrastructure allows your agency to get up and running in no time. Plus, there is never any up-front cost or setup fee.


Available to your entire organization, anytime, anywhere.

The Granicus cloud allows for unlimited users and groups, secure login credentials, and controlled permissions, so your entire organization can access the service from anywhere with an internet connection. The cloud structure will also allow iLegislate, the digital agenda iPad app, to be automatically updated with the latest meeting agendas, simplifying distribution and increasing efficiency.


Leverage an open architecture and connect to in-house systems.

The Granicus Open Platform Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Developer Kit (SDK), allows customers to integrate with, or expand upon, existing systems. Our API is fully documented and supported, providing customers with the flexibility to share data with other government solutions already in place.


Reach audiences with on-demand video.

Upload, index and publish archived videos to your website. Videos are encoded in H.264, allowing viewers to access media from mobile devices. Videos can easily be shared to social networking sites or embedded on other webpages through the player.


Create a powerful website experience for citizens.

Improve your web presence by adding a centralized, up-to-date repository of public meeting information including meeting agendas, minutes and on-demand video. All information is available through a portal that matches the look and feel of your existing website. Citizens can easily subscribe to RSS feeds and receive notifications when new content is published online.


Feature List

Features for Staff

  • iLegislate®: Mobile Agenda iPad App
  • Performance Accelerator*
  • Encoding Appliance
    • Live Event Streaming
    • Intelligent Media Routing
  • World-Class Data Centers
  • Guaranteed Availability & Security
  • Archived Video Editing & Indexing
  • Open Architecture & API
  • Unlimited Content Storage & Distribution

Benefits to Citizens

  • Mobile Device Streaming & Support**
  • Flash and HTML5 Video Players
  • High Resolution Player (up to 480p) at 1000Kbps
  • Share Syndication
  • RSS Feeds for Video & Agenda
  • Web Portal