Digital Services Suite

Bring government closer to meeting public needs.

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Granicus’ Suite of Digital Service offerings bring government closer to meeting the needs of citizens. From website content management to streamlining filing for a marriage certificate, the solutions in Granicus’ Digital Services Suite allow government organizations to better meet the daily needs of the people they serve.

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CivicaCMS is a website content management system (CMS) developed specifically for government to help organizations deliver more services and information to the public online.

  • Citizen Request Management
  • Civica Mobile
Boards and Commissions

Designed specifically for government meeting body appointment management, Boards and Commissions goes beyond any other product with a deeper set of citizen application and appointment efficiency tools. The end result is significant time and cost savings for your staff and greater public awareness of the boards and commissions appointment process. The value includes:

  • Keeping the public informed of active public bodies and membership online
  • Allowing community members to apply for boards through your website
  • Creating your own application forms
  • Managing board rosters, appointments workflows, and vacancies
  • Generating cost savings with a paperless strategy

SpeakUp combines the power of social media and crowdsourcing with an online forum to help agencies gather input, prioritize projects and make the best decisions for their community.
Learning Platform

With experience developing online training content for federal, state and local government employees and constituents, Granicus has proven methods and fresh technology that increases course engagement and knowledge retention. With Granicus’ learning platform, you’ll be able to:

  • Create high-impact learning experiences
  • Leverage an informed model and mobile learning platform
  • Deliver modern education for your citizens
Data (DKAN)

Granicus offers a complete open source data solution with a full suite of cataloging, publishing and visualization features. With Granicus Data (DKAN), your organization will:

  • Migrate, manage, and publish public data
  • Remove barriers to access important data
  • Enable people to find, tag and search for your data
Records Management

Granicus Records Management is the next evolution of making the clerk and recorder’s office an ever-more efficient gateway of public information and day-to-day business, helping automate government records offices with a streamlined, centralized application. Many of the first-generation technologies that were deployed to handle these processes have become outdated and are a pain point for clerks.

Land and Vitals
Granicus Records Management makes the clerk and recorder’s office an ever-more efficient gateway of public information and day-to-day business, helping automate processes involving the end-to-end indexing of land (deed, mortgage, lien, etc.) and vital (birth, death, marriage, etc.) certificates, and all related processes.

Easily accept payments from citizens for online services such as filings, document requests, and more. eAccept integrates seamlessly with Land and Vitals and ROAM, without the need for third-party payment vendors.

Provide your citizens with the ease-of-use of our Rapid Online Access Management software, which layers over any database to provide instant, robust data and document retrieval online. The software is configurable and compatible with all major web browsers and allows for custom public-facing portals.

With eUniversa, filers have the ability to remotely transmit court case documents; it also allows clerks to review and approve eFiled information. It works easily with all major case management and document management systems for a seamless workflow.