Citizen Engagement

Involve people. Improve decisions. Build trust.


SpeakUp℠ combines the power of social media and crowdsourcing with an online forum to help agencies gather input, prioritize projects and make the best decisions for their community. The old way of doing things – holding a meeting in the evening at a local government building – doesn’t produce the results government agencies want today.

SpeakUp℠ helps governments engage citizens beyond in-person meetings and discover what matters most by offering a convenient and more accessible space to ask questions, share ideas, capture input and create a collaborative environment between citizens and their government.

Benefits & Functionality

Guide focused discussions, forums and surveys about important topics and issues

Citizens can easily contribute and participate by voting, commenting, posting their own ideas or sharing others’ ideas

Acknowledge ideas and input to keep participation levels high

Run demographic and feedback analytics to build a representation of who is participating, where they’re from and how they’ve interacted

Embed widgets for easy display on other websites

Facebook® integration to tap into existing social media followers

iLegislate® Integration to get feedback directly into the hands of decision-makers

Combining the power of social media and crowdsourcing

Get focused answers on important topics

With forums and groups, get feedback on a specific initiative or idea. All responses are related to your subject, helping you narrow ideas to what’s most important to the organization.

Recognize ideas – let your community know you’re listening

Encourage greater participation by acknowledging ideas. Administrators can change the status of ideas as they are considered and planned internally. Contributors can follow an idea’s progress and stay involved in the decision-making process.

Let residents share ideas for community improvement

As residents post ideas, other citizens, elected officials, and staff can join the conversation by voting for an idea, adding comments, and even sharing ideas to social networks.