Citizen Engagement

Involve people. Improve decisions. Build trust.


eComment provides an easy way to add voices to the democratic process and makes participation in public meetings more convenient with a web-based form tightly integrated with your published agenda.

Residents can review agenda item details, indicate their position on an item and leave feedback. All comments can be consolidated into a report and delivered to elected members prior to a meeting, helping them better understand the views of their constituents. Officials and staff who use digital agendas can review ideas and feedback on their tablets with the iLegislate integration. Reports also help staff reduce the administrative burden of consolidating feedback and tying them to actionable items.

Public comment form, which can be customized, is tightly integrated with published agenda

Citizens can use a public comment form to provide feedback without being physically present at a meeting

Staff can see comprehensive comment report to gauge feedback

Citizens planning on attending and request to speak at a meeting ahead of time

Helping you add voices to the democratic process

Collect comments from citizens on agenda items

Let residents weigh-in on current topics through an online form integrated with your agenda. Citizens can submit a comment on an agenda item and indicate their position - support, oppose, or neutral.

Put comprehensive reports at the fingertips of elected officials

Reports indicate the top discussion item, provide a summary of all comments received and give a detailed account of citizen comments and positions.

Allow residents to request to speak during meetings

Through the comment form, residents can select agenda items to speak on during a meeting. A reminder email is sent to the speaker with the date and location of the meeting.