Agenda Management

Comprehensive and automated agenda workflow.

Introducing Peak Agenda Management!

The challenges of the agenda management process for municipal clerks are well-known and well-documented: highly manual, paper-dependent processes with little automation, with many inputs and approvers that create bottlenecks and information inconsistencies.

For years, Granicus has delivered the leading agenda management solution to government with software that solves real problems, and now, we’ve raised the bar even further.

Introducing Peak Agenda Management – the fastest, most supported, most usable browser-based agenda management software in the industry, from the company that has set the pace.

Simple agenda management - right out of the box!


In dissecting the complexity of the agenda preparation process, we didn’t want to just layer technology on top of the issues and call it good. Ease-of-use and intuitiveness of the Peak application will allow clerks to quickly get up to speed but also ramp up new staff and drafters with ease.


Above all else, an agenda management application should drastically reduce the time spent managing agenda reparation. That’s why features like autopopulation of fields and drag-and-drop editing were included, so agendas can be created faster and clerks can free up time.


We understand a phone call to support isn’t always possible, like in the middle of a council meeting. To create a support experience unlike any other software solution our clients have experienced, we built in Peak an in-app live chat feature for real-time answers to real-world issues.