Governing on the iPad with iLegislate

Javier Muniz, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Granicus, oversees the technology vision and direction for the Granicus cloud-based platform and government applications.

A New Paperless Meeting Agenda Packet

Every day, more and more government agencies are adopting the iPad. Why shouldn’t they? It’s mobile, it’s dependable, and the number of government apps is growing at a fast pace. Granicus recognized this trend and released an iPad app called iLegislate into Beta last year to see how effective it could be at helping governments save paper while improving meeting efficiency.

I’m pleased to report that Granicus just released iLegislate into full production. Now, any government agency can leverage the iLegislate app and Granicus solutions to replace paper-based agenda packets with a more mobile, action-driven, and cost-saving alternative.

Based on Real-World Experience

While iLegislate was in Beta, we ironed out issues that popped up and added new features, all based on the input of dozens of different governments and agencies who got to participate in the pilot release experience. This real world testing, with a sharp focus on user feedback and a healthy dose of experimentation, has allowed us to create what we believe is the best tablet app for agenda annotation that exists today.

A Focused Design

In creating iLegislate we had the following very basic design parameters: make it simple, make it better than paper, make the user better informed. Going in with this sharp focus, we came out with a product that helps government officials and staff members enhance their meetings by:
•    Providing convenient access to meeting agendas and supporting documents
•    Reducing paper consumption and moving to a paperless environment
•    Reviewing agendas and documents offline and on-the-go
•    Enabling digital note-taking, bookmarking, and emailing by agenda item
•    Reviewing indexed, archived meeting videos


Giving More than Expected

Dozens of government agencies are now considering iLegislate to be a key part of their paperless and cost-cutting initiatives. In fact, the City of Dixon who’s planning to migrate to iPads in the new year determined their cost savings would be over $4,000 annually within two years. Many have found it to be transformative through the new mobility it provides. Many are finding great relief in not having to deal with tons of paper and in the instant organization it provides. And everyone is benefitting from more data at their finger tips.

Promising Future

Seeing 80% of our government poll respondents express that they are either planning or implementing the use of iPads in their meetings was encouraging. We’re excited about the possibilities of making governing more effective from the iPad. We’re also highly aware of the framework of laws regulating the open meeting process. This is why we’ve decided to integrate iLegislate with our suite of legislative and meeting applications that uphold the policies and procedures governments already have in place. For me, seeing government organizations transform from paper-based to iLegislate is witnessing a huge evolutionary step in government. This is a new beginning for smarter, more efficient, and mobile governing.

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  1. With iPad, it's simple to host or attend meetings anywhere, anytime. There is no cost for an attendee to join meetings on their iPads. It’s free to download the app from the Apple store. Hosts need to have a current WebEx Meeting Center subscription to schedule or host a meeting on a computer.

  2. Tracey Barlow

    The iLegislate format on the IPad is certainly a huge step forward in providing an efficient and convenient means in agenda management. I only hope that future enhancements include ability to make notations and bookmarks on the attached PDF support documents similar to such features presently offered by Goddreader.


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