Product Update: New SpeakUp℠ Design Makes Online Engagement Even Easier

Blog-Speakup-IconAfter a year of listening, our team of developers and designers put together some new ways to improve online community engagement. By creating easier access, better visual placement, new features, and eye-catching graphic design improvements, SpeakUp℠SM, part of our Citizen Participation Suite, has evolved into a highly intuitive and easy to use tool for citizens and staff to build better communities. Today, we’ve launched this new release.

Here’s a quick overview of the four biggest improvements we’ve made:

  1. Surveys can be accessed through the main navigation.
    The Survey tool has grown fast in popularity this year, yielding some exceptional results along the way, like in Blacksburg, VA.

  2. Collapsable explanations are available for each page.
    Now users will have a helpful description of what a page is for and how to use it. Optionally, they can remove this box by clicking on the X in the upper-right corner.

  3. Meetings can be featured on the homepage.
    Rather than just showing off topics, meetings can be promoted and displayed as a featured event on the home page. This is especially great news for communities that want to promote special meetings on important topics. Communities that have eComment enabled can better promote upcoming agendas to collect public feedback.

  4. There’s a new Ideas in Action section on the sidebar, listing ideas with statuses of planned, in progress, resolved, and complete.
    This was an easy decision for us. Basically, we saw it as: the more that users are aware of the progress the community is making with their input, the greater the trust levels, and the more participatory the community becomes.


There are more improvements to be found, especially in the presentation of ideas and feedback. Look out for the new release and keep on engaging!

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