Meeting Services

Simplifying public meeting transparency with world class solutions.

  • Live Event Webcasting
  • On-Premise Webcast Production
  • Post-Event Indexing
  • Minutes Annotation
  • Closed Captioning
  • Official Transcripts of Proceedings
  • Audio and Video Production
  • Seamless Website Integration
  • Searchable Video Archives
  • Integrated Public Record

Granicus Meeting Services provides a way to achieve maximum transparency in your public meetings through a variety of managed services. Developed from more than 15 years of experience in government, our Meeting Services are trusted by more than 1,000 government agencies. They are proven to help agencies take efficiency to the next level without increasing burden on staff. We eliminate the need for staff to manage any webcasting and indexing technology during the live event. We also handle the entire process from webcasting, trimming, indexing, captioning and posting your meeting video, ensuring that your meetings are successfully captured and delivered over the Web.

With Granicus, you can provide your online audience with a feature-rich video player to keep them informed. We use the latest technologies to ensure your citizen engagement and transparency efforts are impactful.

From minutes annotation to a full AV production, Granicus is your one partner for all meeting services needs.


Key Services

Webcasting Services

Granicus provides fully-managed live and on-demand streaming of public meetings and events. Meeting videos are fully searchable, indexed to agenda items and cross-linked to supporting materials, providing your audience with a completely integrated public record.

Reach the broadest audience possible over smart phones and mobile devices with cross-platform compatible archived webcasts. Plus, our Design staff will create a portal for webcasts that matches the look and feel of your existing website, offering a better end-user experience.

The Granicus solution includes unlimited media storage and distribution. All webcasts are fully managed by an onsite engineer and supported by our world-class infrastructure.



Post-Event Indexing

With our Post-Event Indexing service, your community can meet open government initiatives by allowing citizens to quickly access indexed meeting video content without adding additional burden to staff members. Take comfort in knowing that meeting video is recording properly, all while you save hours of time on indexing, trimming and uploading meeting video.


Closed Captioning Services

Support ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance and offer greater accessibility to meetings with closed captioning. Captions are synchronized to meeting webcasts and can be recorded in real-time or added to an archived event. Closed caption text is searchable, giving audiences the ability to search meeting records by the spoken word.



Audio and Video Production Services

Rely on experienced AV technicians to ensure that your meeting is flawlessly captured. We will work with you to determine your live meeting needs and can provide the following services:

Cameras and Microphones
We can provide an audio and video solution to fulfill the customer’s needs. We offer a variety of camera and microphone configurations and will work with you to find the setup that best meets your need and budget. All options include onsite technicians who setup, manage and strike equipment.

Additional Equipment
Granicus can also provide and support the following items for any event:

  • Lighting
  • Projectors and screens
  • Phone interfaces
  • Teleprompting


Minutes Annotation Services

Our team can create and publish meeting minutes following any event. Choose the preferred format– action, summary or verbatim – and we will produce the official record. This service also includes post – meeting video trimming and time-stamping.


Certified Transcription Services

The Granicus Meeting Services team will produce a complete, word-for-word account of a meeting. Transcripts can be attached to archived videos and published online as supporting documentation, furthering your transparency initiatives.