Managed Services

Granicus provides a comprehensive Managed Services package with every solution to ensure long-lasting success with our technologies. This services portfolio is comprised of technical support, a fully hosted and managed infrastructure, and customer advocacy to maximize your solutions performance. Our skilled network engineers work around-the-clock to ensure your applications are protected, operating smoothly, and continually without spending extra staff time or resources. You also receive continual access to advanced learning tools and the hands-on support, knowledge, and expertise of our skilled Support Engineers and Customer Advocacy professionals.

  • Technical Support Services and Maintenance

    Our technical support professionals know your systems, your network, your staff, and your expectations. If issues arise, Granicus offers Tier 1 dedicated technical support services 24/7/365 to ensure each case is addressed efficiently and effectively.

  • Hosted Storage and Distribution

    Granicus provides media storage and delivery so you don’t have to make large investments in your infrastructure or IT staff to maintain and deliver high-bandwidth streaming media or Web applications. Our fully managed and hosted infrastructure offers you unlimited bandwidth and the highest storage and security standards to ensure maximum availability of your data and applications.

  • Proactive Systems Monitoring

    Our remote, proactive systems monitoring ensures faster response time, predicts problems before they arise, and helps minimize the cost of IT support and maintenance.

  • Upgrades and Innovation

    Ensure your software is up-to-date with the latest security fixes, recommended updates, and feature release. Granicus will regularly update and provide fixes and enhancements to your solution. We coordinate these onsite software upgrades to ensure they are completed on a schedule that is comfortable for you and your staff.

  • Customer Care

    To expand your success with our technologies, Granicus provides personal and proactive customer advocacy. Our Customer Care team includes Account Managers and Trainers that are committed aligning your Granicus solution with your unique business needs.

  • Granicus Help Center

    Gain access to a rich on-demand portal of resources to help them attain highest level of success and satisfaction in our Granicus Help Center. Clients can instantly tap into rich learning materials to grow their skill set. They can also use self-service support resources to get more information about their products.