Granicus created the APIs below because we believe that open systems and interoperability are critical components of any modern software solution. Granicus is committed to building open architectures, standards, and lasting partnerships with industry leaders. We want to offer clients the most complete solutions on the market, without forcing them into a single system for all enterprise tasks.


Granicus Open Platform API

The Granicus Open Platform API and SDK (Software Development Kit) enables customers and developers to connect their existing IT infrastructure and seamlessly integrate existing or future enterprise systems with Granicus to share data across all systems. Examples of real-world uses include:

  • Building in-house solutions that leverage Granicus technologies
  • Integrating existing off-the-shelf Agenda Management solutions
  • Developing custom-built vote result tracking systems
  • Creating mobile and social applications for your constituents

The SDK enables developers to create custom integrations with the Open Platform and allows these organizations to use the optimal parts of each system to create the best overall solution.


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