Top 5 Citizen Ideas of 2012

Best-Citizen-Ideas-2012End of the year reviews are fun, but 2012 brought in a game-changing new dynamic in the government decision making process: online citizen ideation. Local communities across the country have started launching websites that allow their citizens to convene with each other online, offer ideas on how to improve their communities, refine ideas, vote on their favorite ideas, and then see those ideas get put into effect.

The explosive popularity of Granicus’ SpeakUp℠, implemented in over twenty cities last year, gives us a fantastic opportunity, not only to see what’s happening locally, but what idea trends are developing countrywide. The big idea trend winner in 2012: transportation issues.

Here are the five most popular civic ideas, determined by the number of votes and discussion entries:

1. Add a Metrorail station on W. Anderson Lane

“The West Anderson Lane corridor has boomed with new development especially with the renovation of the Northcross Mall. The area has many local businesses …”
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2. Invest in transit in urban corridors where it is cost-effective

“Some of our busiest (and slowest) urban transit routes (Hennepin Avenue) aren’t getting the improvements they need to make a really great transit system. Use Bus Rapid Transit, dynamic signage, off-bus fare collection …”
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3. Bus Stop Spacing

“Bus and other transit stops in dense, high-use districts need to be better spaced. There’s no need for buses to stop every block downtown…”
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4. Amalgamation of Governmental Entities

“The Twin Cities area is home to a surprisingly large number of civic governments for a region of its size. A wider planning effort should examine the feasibility of and potential fiscal benefits to amalgamation of some of the jurisdictions in the area…”
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5. A consistent funding source for building 2 LRT routes

“I’d be in favor of an auto registration increase or a gas tax, but we may need more to get the job done… ”
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Each of these ideas not only have been voted up as a worthwhile endeavor, but they’ve also been discussed with community members. Many of them have been acknowledged by the local governments and the number one idea about a metrorail station is currently under consideration by the council.

While clearly transportation seems to be high on everyone’s priority list, there were a ton of other great ideas out there that also got recognition. Here are a few of our favorites:

Better Water Recycling: Allow graywater use in outside irrigation, change city policy
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Bring in Professional Sports: Major League Fort Lauderdale
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For the Kids: Splash Park
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Involving citizens in making better communities is the clearest way to success and the results are showing in cities of all sizes. It’s time to get people involved, reward great ideas, and witness a fruitful 2013.

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