Smart Government: Top Six Ways to Harness Innovation

innovate govAs government must grow with sociological changes, so must it grow with technological changes. But keeping up with the times is only a baseline for good government; what government really needs to excel is smart government with an environment for innovation. With innovation being on the forefront of government development, in a couple weeks, there will be a powerhouse webinar presentation on March 27 to discuss how to create that environment to build smart government.

The trio of panelists should be enough to grab your attention:

Karen Thorenson, President and CEO of Alliance for Innovation

Alliance for Innovation is an international network of progressive governments and partners committed to transforming local government by accelerating the development and dissemination of innovations. With around 250 local governments as members, it’s an amazing collective of the technologically savvy, with real drive to find new ways to become better governments.

Janet Rowland, President and CEO of Local Government Solutions™

Local Government Solutions is a government transformation consultancy group for local government officials seeking innovative and practical solutions. Rowland served as a Mesa County Commissioner for 8 years, and the Public Information Officer for 4 years prior, and Community Involvement Program Director for 3 years before that. Her experience brings great insight into making government innovation bloom.

Tom Spengler, CEO and Co-founder of Granicus

Granicus offers the first cloud platform and suite of applications designed specifically for government agencies that want to take advantage of the convenience and cost-efficiency of software-as-a-service. Granicus is currently leading the way in creating open government and citizen participation solutions.

These three will delve into the details of what they’re collaboratively defining as the six principles of innovation for government:

  1. Leadership
  2. Creativity
  3. Internal Collaboration
  4. External Partnerships
  5. Community Connections
  6. Results Focus

With that being the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, expect a high-value presentation that will get you thinking about your next steps in transforming your local government. Sign up now!

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