Next-Gen Government: Top 5 Technology Characteristics

next-gen-granicus-suitesAs government continues to face budgetary constraints and rising expectations from their community, Granicus hosted a webinar this week to help governments kick start their “next generation” technology strategies to help mitigate these challenges. I’m going to provide a quick recap of some of the key points we discussed during this webinar. If you’d like, you can simply watch the recording by clicking here.

First we talked about what “next-gen” government looks like. These characteristics are important to grasp because they will help you shape the way you approach many areas of your organization this year—from communications, to recordkeeping, citizen engagement, IT management, and even public meetings. Here are the top 5 “next generation” characteristics we identified through our research and discussed during the webinar:

  • Accessible

    Information is live, on-demand, and mobile 24/7/365

  • Engaged

    Citizens can connect to government instantly

  • Cloud-Based

    Data is securely hosted, IT costs are minimized

  • Cost-Efficient

    Simplified workflows save time and money

  • Productive

    Processes are timely, actionable, and effective

Overall, governments need to start modernizing the way they are creating, managing, and delivering information to stay relevant in today’s increasingly social and mobile society. Now days, data needs to be accessible at your fingertips. Literally. Also, government processes need to be more timely, actionable, and cost-efficient. Using the cloud for data hosting  and application delivery is becoming an increasingly popular way to achieve this.

During the webinar, Granicus gave a high-level overview of our Platform and Suites and discussed how we can help government achieve these “next generation” goals and priorities.


Besides walking through each suite and demonstrating the “next-gen” capabilities, we also highlighted some success stories and key features current customers and non-customers should be aware of. Here are a few the features we touched on that are empowering government to cut costs, increase efficiency and and public access, as well as, be more collaborative with their community:

  • Cloud-Platform

    Data is increasingly being hosted in the cloud to cut costs and improve efficiency in government. The Granicus Open Platform is an easy way for agencies to start embracing this cloud model. We give you unlimited hosting for your video, documents, records, and legislative files. Plus, we have redundant storage in 5 different locations and round-the-clock monitoring 24/7.

  • Sharing Video

    As video consumption continues to grow online. Governments need to have the latest delivery tools for their video. A key distinguishing factor of Granicus video is our player. It’s a free upgrade for customers and it’s a great way to expand the visibility of your content. For instance, the City of Murfreesboro, TN even increased their traffic by 6,700 hits after upgrading their player. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Paperless Agendas on the iPad

    A large number of governments expressed interest in wanting to connect their agenda data to the iPad this year. This is largely because they want to ‘go green’ and minimize their dependency on paper. Granicus does this through a single workflow in our iLegislate app. No drop box or extra steps required. Clerks simply need to manage their agendas like they normally do within our Government Transparency, Meeting Efficiency, or Legislative Management Suites and the data automatically connects to iLegislate for mobile access anytime, anywhere. Also, elected officials report that they are actually increasing efficiency in their meetings after using iLegislate. See it in action by clicking here.

  • Productive Citizen Engagement & Involvement

    Many governments preparing for the new era of citizen engagement. At Granicus, our goal is to simplify this with our Citizen Participation Suite. It offers the most robust set of citizen engagement tools in one package: 1) Citizensourcing (social ideation or crowdsourcing) 2) Focused Discussion (survey tools/virtual town hall tools) 3) Feedback on Agenda Items (integration with the meeting process. Check out how the City of Austin is succeeding with these tools.

  • Automating & Enhancing Agenda/Minutes Creation

    To meet the “next generation” information delivery standards where content must be timely, accurate, and open to the public, we showcased 2 suites specially designed to help records managers, elected officials, clerks, and secretaries in government do this while saving time in their workflow! Our Meeting Efficiency Suite automates the live meeting process with comprehensive voting and mintues automation. Then, our Legislatie Management Suite offers all the backend workflow automation needed to create, manage, and track your policy items from start to finish all the way through the legislative process. The great thing about Granicus is that our online legislative research portal is top-ranked in the industry. Once your data is managed and delivered through Granicus you know you’re delivering it to the public in the most transparent and accessible way possible.

Next Steps?

If you’d like to learn more about any of the ways our technologies are helping governments shift their strategies to the next generation, please get in touch!

Also, now’s a good time to start a discussion….we’re running a limited-time offer on Granicus products that can help you save BIG.

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