Local Governments Achieve Cost Effective Disaster Recovery for their Data

securecloudFirst of all, our hearts continue to go out to those whose lives have been affected by the destructive forces of Hurricane Sandy. The strength and breadth with which Sandy struck reminds us, once again, that we are vulnerable – our lives, our homes, our infrastructure, and our critical data – are all susceptible to loss. Sandy cost 209 lives, and an estimated $52.4 billion in structural damages making it the second costliest storm in US history.

It was only about a month prior to Sandy that Granicus published a blog revisiting 2005’s Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent implementation of cloud strategies to protect data. But it’s not just the biggest hurricanes that we need to be concerned about:  tornadoes, microbursts, floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes, are all threats to life, infrastructure, and data.

Data, unlike anything else, have the unique property of being able to be pre-evacuated before a coming disaster is even detected. In the planning stages of disaster preparedness, setting up data redundancies through multi-geographic clouds in secure data centers moves your data into multiple safe zones that will provide the ultimate in data protection.

Amidst all the destruction and loss caused by Hurricane Sandy, The New York City Council’s cloud strategies, at the very least, kept their public records and history of decisions safe.

New York City’s strategy, executed with Granicus as its solutions partner, may sound like a big-city-big-resource plan, but it is a strategy that is affordable to municipalities of any size.  Cloud strategies are designed to provide greater security, better hardware, and better service for a lesser cost. Likewise, the Granicus cloud is designed specifically for government data:

  • Security and Redundancy

    In multiple locations, maintain multiple layers of back-up, making data loss nearly impossible.

  • Centralized Access

    Easily retrievable from anywhere there’s an internet connection, find all your data through a single portal – video, records, etc.

  • Affordability and Scalability

    Keep costs low, leverage multi-tenancy, and be ready to expand reach and quantity effortlessly.

  • Hosted/Managed

    Ensure high availability, uptime, and delivery to your citizens. Create more services without investing redundant IT resources built just for your agency.

  • Powerful Transparency

    Build constituent trust by providing the most advanced online public access tools available: advanced search tools, cross-linked agendas and minutes, meeting videos, supporting documents, and more, all integrated with your website. Truly govern in the light of day.

  • Citizen Collaboration from a Dispersed Community

    Using online town hall style tools, plan for emergencies, get feedback from your community, and let everyone help with ideas on how to manage disaster and create preventative measures moving forward.

Ultimately, this kind strategy is about leveraging a world class infrastructure at a fraction of the price, because you share that infrastructure, expertise, and cost with over 1000 other agencies who have similar IT goals in mind. This just makes sense. Now add to that the huge benefit of a complete continuity of government and disaster recovery plan that is already built in to the Granicus Cloud.

Granicus has architected a platform where small cities with tight budgets can effortlessly pool resources gaining them the same or even better protections and performance than those of a larger city that struggles to piece together its own data centers. We see this happen too many times, and it is ultimately an unfortunate waste of taxpayer dollars.

Building your own nuclear power plant in your back yard makes far less sense than simply using the electric and gas services that already exist. The reasoning for local governments to use existing services is no different; governments must spend time governing, not re-inventing wheels.

We can’t prevent natural disasters, but we can help preserve the continuity of government… of any size. If you would like to receive more information about the Granicus cloud, and our inexpensive solution to help you simply host your data securely request a demo by completing this form.

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