Beyond Election Day: Collaborative Governing

yourvotecountsIn words taken directly from the White House:

Government should be transparent.

Government should be participatory.

Government should be collaborative.

These are three ideas that get us pretty excited at Granicus, especially in anticipation of one of our favorite days of the quadrennial: Election Day. Today reminds us of the importance of exercising our freedom to vote! It also reminds us to celebrate our mission as a company.

The Granicus mission has always been to improve the way citizens to interact with government. Our technology does this by going to the core of the democratic process — public meetings, votes, legislation — and making this process more open, collaborative, and transparent. Election Day reminds us of the importance of preserving and improving citizen collaboration which helps all levels of government represent the concerns, goals, and priorities of the people.

Participation in government doesn’t start and stop with Election Day.

Citizens always have an opportunity to get involved. In fact, actively hearing the views and concerns of citizens helps government leaders to represent the needs of their community in their actions and decisions. It’s critical. At Granicus, all of our solutions help facilitate this transparency and engagement across your community.

The heart of our business began with meeting video streaming and indexing, enabling citizens to search on issues that they’re interested in, openly and quickly on the web. They also have the ability to access agendas and minutes to understand topics and how they were voted upon – even via their mobile devices. With the Granicus platform, citizens can go a step further and comment on agenda items online, rather than attending an in-person council meeting that may not be conducive to their schedule. This increases the sample size of opinion for local government and allows an organization to make decisions that are aligned with the views of their community. Our latest product, SpeakUp℠, allows the public to leverage an online platform to provide feedback on specific projects, and even contribute their own brand new ideas for their jurisdiction.

These workflows may have trickled down from White House initiatives, but over 1000 Granicus clients can speak for the benefits of being more transparent and engaging their public. We know our clients are working hard to prepare their jurisdictions for this big event, and we thank you for facilitating this uniquely American process!

Learn more about building collaborative government at local, state, and federal levels:

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