APA Day 2 Review: CicLAvia, Portland, & Citizensourcing

APA-Hits-LADay 2 of the APA, Sunday, started early with various breakfasts from technology to religiously oriented options, everyone had somewhere to go.

By later in the day, a few people had noted that Portland seemed to be regularly mentioned in each of the sessions they attended. They must be doing something right to be getting the attention. Here are a couple interesting facts about the Portland area that were heard in various sessions:

  • The Portland metro area consists of three counties and 60% of Oregon’s population
  • There are 6 MPOs covering 90% of the population
  • There are 11 area commissions on transportation alone
  • There are 28 municipal councils
  • 53% of the area is Federal land
  • All comprehensive plans for the area are out of date, so now is the opportunity for planners to citizensource and get elected officials involved as well


ciclaviaCicLAvia happened over the weekend in LA. Nine miles of streets were shut down to all automobile traffic, making way for walkers, runners, cyclists, skate-boarders, roller-skaters, roller-bladers, and any other manner of self-propelled transit. There was even a bike-share! While the pricetag came out to be about half a million dollars, it was such a success that Monday morning the police were still trying to guide people off the streets and back onto the sidewalks.


Want to know about what Portland is looking to do about planning or how Austin, TX has become successful at it? Get in touch!


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