Webinar Recap: Governments Achieve Measurable Success with Granicus

granicus-successwebinarYesterday, I led a live webinar for nearly 200 governments and government agencies who were interested in learning more about the Granicus Platform & Product Suites to help them exceed their government transparency, legislative efficiency, and citizen collaboration goals. While discussing some of our newest features and sharing success stories achieved by our customers, it struck me what a fantastic year 2011 has been for governments who have partnered with us!

Before I give a quick recap of the webinar – and our exclusive End of Year Promotion – let me explain what I mean about our shared success with governments and how we got there together.

Measured Success: Winning Awards in 2011

ribbon-granicusThe annual Digital Cities Survey and Digital Counties Survey are as authoritative as it gets when it comes to gauging the technological advancement of local governments. For both surveys, the majority of survey winners were Granicus users. That’s hugely significant from a statistical perspective! Think about it… of the many hundreds of cities and counties who were considered for the survey, well over half of the winners just happen to be Granicus users? There’s no coincidence. I kicked off the webinar recognizing these winners for the transparency and citizen engagement success they achieved with our Platform & Suites this year.

Government agencies weren’t the only ones to walk away with awards; Granicus did, too! This year, in the company of Cisco, Amazon, YouTube, and Microsoft, Granicus was listed in the Streaming Media 100 – a comprehensive annual list of the most important companies in online and mobile streaming media. We were the only government-focused company on the list.

Completing the Picture

Another major event for Granicus in 2011 was our acquisition of government technology pioneers Daystar Computer Systems. This merger brought the world’s best legislative and agenda management system, Legistar, into the Granicus offering, becoming Granicus’ new Legislative Management Suite! This was a huge win for both Granicus and government agencies because now the most comprehensive legislative workflow system is completely integrated with the most comprehensive government media content delivery system available.

Why Everyone Succeeded

So, what’s going on? Granicus’ business direction and philosophy is matching up perfectly with government needs for operational efficiency, measurable savings, paper reduction, and open government. This leads me to the recap of the “Discover Granicus Product Suites” webinar I hosted. Our product suites are the solutions that winning agencies at all levels of government across the country are utilizing to bring the most advanced, engaging and efficient government to their citizens.

During the webinar, which you can register to view here, I gave an overview of each of our suites and giving revealed a customer success story about each one. Here’s a graphic to visually recap of what each of the suites does.


New Technology, iPads and the Future

During the webinar, we ran a poll asking about iPad use. It turned out that only 20 percent of webinar attendees weren’t considering or using iPads!

Clearly the future of government is not only digital, but mobile and accessible. I gave an overview of all our latest webcasting features and discussed how they are helping government agencies, like the Tennessee General Assembly, gain national recognition and awards for achieving superior levels of transparency. Also, we discussed how our meeting and legislative solutions are helping cities like Walnut Creek, CA and Sitka, AK completely automate the way they  create, manage,  and track their public records. Sitka achieved a 60% reduction in agenda preparation time – twenty-five hours down to 10 hours.

The trend to use iPads was never lost on Granicus and as a result, we’ve got something else cooking: iLegislate. While the official release isn’t until 2012, we’ve been getting rave reviews and phenomenal feedback from our limited pilot launch program.

At the moment, iLegislate is like a super-powered agenda packet.  You can get the latest version of all agenda related information just by syncing with the Granicus cloud. Once you have it, you can view all related information in a structured and linked format, making it very easy to navigate. And to finish it off, you can actually annotate the agenda to your liking and go through the meeting while reviewing your notes. Contact us if you want to be notified when iLegislate becomes publicly available!

Deal of the Year: How to Join the Success

promo-badge-granicusGranicus has grown over 200% in sales year over year, a trend we want to maintain so we can continue to bring improved features at even lower costs and create more savings for government agencies.  So let me give you a quick overview of our End of Year promotion. It’s going to help agencies save a lot of money if they buy or upgrade to the Granicus Platform & Suites before December 31, 2011.

Pay no monthly service fees on any new purchases between now and July 1, 2012! You heard that right: sign up now for one of the many awesome solutions we’re providing and get it for free for half a year! Considering some of our solutions pay for themselves within a year, this is a monster of a deal. If you’d like more information click the button above to get started.

Next Steps:          

I hope you attended or watched the webinar; it really is informative and attendees had some great questions that I got to answer, including stuff about streaming video to mobile, touch screen technology, iPads and other fun stuff.

Either way, if you’re interested in our strategies for winning cities and counties, start here:

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