Legislative iPad App Reveals Cloud Impact on Government Technology

agenda-ipad-cloud-folderYesterday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper was on TV looking wide-eyed in frustrated bewilderment toward the sky saying that he knew his photos were somewhere up in some cloud up there. It’s been almost a decade since the tech-world has started talking about cloud strategies, and yet, the confusion and ambiguity continues. But in government IT strategizing, the sea is changing.

Also yesterday, Intel’s futurist Brian David Johnson gave the keynote at the Defining the Cloud for Government conference in Sacramento, CA, where he insisted that implementing cloud strategies today will be incredibly important for government agencies tomorrow. The sea may be changing in government IT, but there is still some hesitation in embracing cloud strategies. To this end, as GovTech.com’s Sarah Rich reports:

To prevent fear from holding an agency back, Johnson suggested communication to help increase government workers’ understanding about technology implementations like cloud computing. While there will always be those who are wary of shifting to a cloud environment, Johnson feels that constant communication can help dispel some of that fear. When there is uncertainty, he concluded, public-sector organizations should embrace it as an area of opportunity to build and innovate in a more robust way.

Today, I received real world evidence of the spreading popularity and benefit of the cloud. Imagine first, a city clerk finalizes a council meeting agenda and clicks the save button. That agenda is immediately available to both the public through the city’s website and it becomes available on the council members’ iPads through an app. This digital agenda app for government agencies, iLegislate, also offers a way to respond to the public’s online comments on agenda items, see ideas from the public, see a geographical mapping of where certain concerns from the public are coming, see a video history of previous council discussion on items, and instantly pull up all related documentation for any agenda item.

Today, this is all done with the power of the cloud.

Last week, on January 22, iLegislate registered 3,222 user sessions with 409 hours of total use – all in one day. There are 224 government agencies with over 1100 active iLegislate users leveraging the cloud to empower themselves with knowledge and data on a level never seen before.

Imagine what’s happening tomorrow. What does your cloud look like?



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  1. I think with time that they will become less feared and better understood. They can be confusing to some and like anything, it will take time for everyone to get a grasp of it. The benefits it brings are a clear indication as to why it is worth understanding and putting into to use.


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