The Future of Government is Mobile

granicus-ipadThe future of government is mobile. That is to say, government agencies must become more agile in process, more flexible in access, and plan all new solutions with mobile technology as the centerpiece. Today, we can see that the trend toward mobile technology use in the public has blasted off and gone orbital, and once again, government agencies are trying to catch up.

In the past decade, the two largest technology trends have been mobile and the cloud. Today, we’re seeing a merging of these two technologies to create unprecedented secure remote access with unlimited data storage and processing power regardless of device capabilities.

Our new whitepaper, Government and the Mobile Advantage, examines this explosive technology trend and what it means for government agencies. We discuss the idea of meeting community members where they’re at, where mobile technology is going, how it’s being used successfully today in government with examples, and steps for developing a mobile-gov strategy. Our whitepaper offers:

  • Mobile tech trend infographics
  • Government mobile strategies
  • Successful mobile government apps
  • Online mobile development resources
  • Mobile roadmap building tips and steps



At Granicus, we’re working hard to create mobile solutions for government. Taking the approach that mobile needs to encompass both internal operations as well as external engagement, we’re streaming video to citizens’ phones and other devices, and offering the most advanced way for elected officials and staff members to research, prepare, and collaborate on an iPad and other tablets with iLegislate®. We’re not stopping there though; as our cloud solutions grow and improve, so will our mobile access. We’ve got much more to come.

The new mobile world is upon us, and it’s time for all government agencies to start moving with it.

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