100 Local Governments Now Use Agenda Management Provided by Granicus

Persona-pages---Clerks---Minimize-Manual-Workflows2We’re excited to announce that 100 government agencies are now using Granicus agenda management solutions to make their policy-making process completely automated, paperless, and transparent. As open government initiatives heat up across the country, Granicus is experiencing a growing number of requests for these solutions because they help move legislative workflows—that are traditionally manual and labor intensive—into the digital age.

Some of our newest clients to adopt Granicus agenda management solutions include the cities of Carrolton, TX, Sunnyvale, CA, and Doral, FL, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Monterey County, CA and El Dorado County, CA. 54 other government agencies also implemented these solutions in 2011.

In just the past 5 months, 45 new customers have also added Granicus’ digital agenda solutions. This landslide of government agencies requesting digital agenda workflows is not surprising. With thousands of policy items and sheets of paper passing through the legislative offices across the country, we’re seeing more and more government agencies start to use Granicus’ built-in automation to create, manage, track, and retain bills, ordinances, and other legislation with greater cost-efficiency.

We’re extremely excited to reach this 100 customer milestone. It highlights our continued commitment to making government more transparent and cost-efficient through technology. It also shows that Granicus is building a strong presence in the agenda management space since our acquisition of Daystar Computer Systems back in May when we seamlessly added the Legistar agenda product to our Legislative Management Suite.


Customer Highlights

Milwaukee is one of our most successful government customers using the Legislative Management Suite. The efficiencies they have gained have resulted in $1.85 million in cost-savings, roughly $52,000 per year, one million pieces of paper saved, and much higher levels of transparency and citizen engagement.

“The City of Milwaukee has been a part of the evolution of the Legislative Management Suite since the very beginning. All of us here have long felt it deserved a broad customer base, and not only because of the ways in which it makes government more efficient and transparent. Users in forward-thinking communities across the country will now be contributing to the LMS’ development and that is an exciting prospect. Happy 100th customer, LMS. Time to fly” said Jim Owczarski, Deputy City Clerk, City of Milwaukee, WI.

Monterey County, CA is one of our newest customers to add the Legislative Management Suite. In talking with Gail Borkowski, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, she informed me that 27 different departments will be using the new system to simplify the way the create, publish, and manage their agenda workflows to deliver even more timely and transparent information to the public.

“The more efficiency we can bring to our systems, the better it is for everyone. We’re excited to provide the public with an easier way to access and search across our legislative information. Also, since the solution may be used for an unlimited number of meeting bodies, we will be able to centralize all our files into a single location, enforce standardization across our recordkeeping, and provide a highly convenient way for staff and citizens to research and follow our legislative process, said Borkowski.”



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