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Success Highlights

  • Ability to search and sort applicants
  • More capability to get information needed
  • Only enter information once
  • Tell term length at a glance
  • Website Integration
  • One-stop shop for applicants
  • All-in-one integrated system

With 100+ boards and commissions and close to 1000 appointees, Louisville Metro Government in Kentucky needed to streamline their citizen appointment process. This year, they succeeded at shifting their board applications and appointments workflow into the digital age, significantly reducing the time and resources required. Louisville, a merged city-county government, is no stranger to driving innovation. With a population of 750,000, it has been recognized by the Best of the Web and Digital Government Achievement Awards every year since 2006.

Over a period of six months, the Granicus team worked closely with Louisville and several other government agencies to develop the new Boards & Commissions App to address pain points arising in all phases of the process, including applications, appointments, and post-appointment workflows. In just a few months, the app has helped them reduce the amount of time and effort being spent on this process.


Application Process

A paperless, digital solution
Louisville’s previous method of managing board applications was paper intensive, requiring several external processes including the use of paper folders, excel files and word documents. All applicants were asked to fill out an application and background check, which could be sent via fax, mail or email. Each application then had to be printed and saved. Follow up with applicants was also a frequent occurrence due to missing information.

With the new Boards & Commissions App, Louisville is able to use a single web-based workflow to accept applications, completely eliminating the myriad of disconnected spreadsheets, missing information, and paper folders. The metro government’s online application process also embeds seamlessly into Louisville’s website to provide a simple user experience. Lori Hatton, Louisville’s Director of Boards and Commissions, refers to the app as a citizen’s “one stop shop” for applying. Lori noted, “we’ve had a lot of positive feedback that it’s really intuitive, it steps you through it, when you hit submit at the end of your application you’re done.”



Appointment Process

Eliminating time-consuming workflows>
Previous appointment workflows were disjointed and required a lot of manual effort. Data needed to be reentered three times, sensitive information had to be redacted with a black marker, and information needed to be compiled across a multitude of separate workflows to be incorporated into standard council packets attachments and agenda items. Staff could spend upwards of an hour pulling together the information needed per board. At any given meeting, a dozen to two dozen boards would be presented which meant a lot of manual work for the Louisville staff.

Since utilizing the Boards & Commissions App, appointee information is captured safely within the system and carries over from the original application automatically. The app can also generate appointment information for council packets which will trim hours off of Louisville’s workflow! Autoredaction was another huge benefit for Louisville. Full applicant information can be generated for internal use and applications can be redacted when public facing. This means, Louisville can now ditch the black marker!



Post Appointment

Graphical reports and dashboards to monitor the entire board workflow
Measuring and managing the board application and appointment process was entirely manual for Louisville staff. This meant, tracking term length, vacancies, applications was not an easy process. Also, Louisville is committed to matching the city’s overall demographics by carefully filling board seats according to gender, geographic location, racial, and political party diversity. To achieve this, several hours and staff members were needed to pull the entire roster across all boards from paper folders and manually enter information into an excel spreadsheet.

Now, with the help of their Boards & Commissions App, Louisville staff can easily monitor a graphical dashboard report to understand the demographic make-up of existing boards and applicants. With these powerful metrics vacancy management is simplified. Instead of paper shuffling and sorting through excel sheets, staff can quickly see real-time data of their boards applications, vacancies, and term lengths in one location, saving hours of staff time!



Louisville Metro Government Goals Met

  • Automate compilation of applicant documentation
  • Search across all applications, filter by boards applied for or by
  • Transfer application data into appointment process
  • Generate council packets and agenda items for each appointee
  • Automate notification emails
  • Track citizen appointment history
  • Generate board rosters & stats sheets with demographics reporting
  • GIS integration to geocoding metro council district

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