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Meeting Efficiency

Success Highlights

  • High-impact efficiency for legislative workflows
  • Replaced hand-delivery of agenda packets with iPads
  • Reduced agenda packet delivery by 65%
  • Reduced agenda distribution staff time by 75%
  • Hoped to save $5,000 per year, now saves $24,000 annually!

The City of Azusa has realized significant cost-savings by revolutionizing its legislative workflow. By adopting Granicus’ iLegislate for city council and staff to review meeting agendas, supporting documents and archived videos over the iPad, the city has generated $1,000 in savings per month. In spring of 2012, with a combined effort from the City Manager, Elected Officials, City Clerk office, and IT department, Azusa fostered a culture of digital efficiency that has brought its City Council meetings into a new era of speed and productivity.

A Paperless Process
Azusa became determined to create a paperless legislative process. Prior to using iLegislate, their legislative workflow was time and paper intensive, requiring hours spent printing and copying, ending with each of the twenty packets being hand delivered to the homes of its elected officials and staff. Determined to digitize agenda packet distribution through iPads, they began investigating several tools, such as Good Reader, iBooks, and iAnnotate, in coordination with email and Dropbox. However, Azusa found managing multiple applications to be clunky, requiring too much training. An all-in-one solution was needed. As a Granicus client, iLegislate was a free solution to the city, and so Azusa found their very first savings: a no-cost solution. After attending a Granicus Webinar, Azusa implemented iLegislate, easily streamlining agenda packet delivery via iPad.

Setting Standards in Efficiency
When Azusa began using the iLegislate system, the City Manager led an organizational shift to the new paperless agenda environment by discontinuing almost all packet printing, requiring the other directors to get on board. The number of packets produced quickly reduced by 65%, from twenty packets down to seven. “We’ve have no complaints at all; in fact, we’ve received compliments about how the new process is much more efficient,” said Ann Graf, Director of Information Technology and Library Resources.

Members using iLegislate found that they could easily annotate, take notes, bookmark and email agendas. Because all changes were digital, the Clerk’s office no longer had to spend the additional time copying and compiling to reflect edits, cutting overall staff time by 75%.

The City Clerk’s office replaced their old scanned agendas with something much more advanced: a digital agenda. The digital agendas in iLegislate are fully searchable, they can be annotated on the fly, and, notes and data are automatically backed-up and synced to the Granicus Cloud. Today, Azusa has 17 individual iLegislate users across five separate meeting bodies, and the savings continue to stack up.

iLegislate® – Savings on the iPad
Convenience and efficiency were certainly the primary goals, but Azusa leadership had a hard goal of $5,000 in annual savings in mind as well. After calculating the cost savings for the City Clerk’s office across its two monthly City Council meetings, Azusa found that it was saving close to $1000 a month, more than doubling its original goal! With each packet ranging between 100 and 200 pages, Azusa is also saving between 31,200 and 62,400 pages of paper a year!

After finding the process of integrating iLegislate to be so smooth, it spread to other meeting bodies as well. Graf surmised that between the other meetings using iLegislate, another $1000 a month is being saved, totaling a whopping $24,000 in savings per year.

With iLegislate, Azusa found a truly integrated iPad app that meeting bodies want to use. As the number of individual users increases, the paper savings multiply and iLegislate continues to help Azusa go above and beyond their original goal of a paperless system.

Monthly Cost Savings Breakdown

Copy/scan labor
Copier costs
Paper Costs
Total monthly City Council savings: $997.20
Total savings from other meeting bodies: $1000
Total annual savings: $24,000

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