Granicus Clients Dominate the 2012 Digital Cities Awards

Digital Cities SurveyThe Center for Digital Government and Government Technology magazine have released their annual Digital Cities Survey, awarding the top city government technology leaders. Twenty-one Granicus clients were ranked on this prestigious list.

“We are thrilled to see results like this. The people we work with at these cities are technologically progressive and visionary. They are dedicated to creating better communities through technology, and they work with Granicus to continually improve online government,” said Tom Spengler, CEO  & Co-Founder of Granicus. “There is a clear trend towards increased openness and citizen connectivity unfolding in government—leaders are looking for better ways to involve the public in the democratic process. Tools that make them more social, mobile, and cost-efficient are fundamental to government tech strategies for all types of jurisdictions,” said Spengler.

Not only is it great to see the cities we work with win, it’s astounding to think that in this country of thirty thousand or so cities, that half of those considered the most digitally innovative – including half the first place winners – are our clients. This happened earlier in the year with the counties, and it happened last year as well. This may be correlative data, but the consistency is telling us that we’re doing things right. Here’s a complete list of the winners who are also Granicus clients:

250,000 or more population:

1. Louisville Metro, KY

2. Riverside, CA

6. Corpus Christi, TX

7. Charlotte, NC

8. Sacramento, CA

9. Fort Worth, TX

9. Long Beach, CA

10. Jacksonville, MO

125,000 – 249,999 population:

3. Winston-Salem, NC

4. Chula Vista, CA

8. Alexandria, VA

10. Chesapeake, VA

75,000 – 124,999 population:

1. Ann Arbor, MI

5. Lynchburg, VA

5. Pueblo, CO

7. High Point, NC

9. Thornton, CO

30,000 – 74,999 population:

3. North Port, FL

4. Danville, VA

8. Marietta, GA

9. Eden Prairie, MN

After a few years of seeing astounding numbers like these, I can tell you first hand, there’s not much more a gratifying feeling than when your company’s success is reflected in awards given to your clients. Check out our official press release.

Understand that we’re not taking credit for these cities winning, we’re recognizing that they make solid efforts to be the best, and they happen to be choosing Granicus as part of their wider vision.

Congratulations to all you digital cities out there!


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  1. It's great to see these cities embracing technology. Can't help but think that Granicus is helping them open up to it!


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